Design and Installation

The Avant Gardeners pride themselves on the ability to create innovative, inspired landscapes that reflect the needs and wishes of each individual client.  First and foremost, the end result has to satisfy the homeowner's requirements.  During the design process, we spend the time to ensure that we have a clear understanding of your vision.  Together we create a plan which combines your ideas with our professional and practical advice.  

Design fees start at $400.00.  This entitles the client to an initial interview, a subsequent visit to review the rough copy of the design and a final meeting to finalize and approve the design.  Additional visits made at the client's request can be arranged at a cost of $50 per visit. 

During installation The Avant Gardeners take great care in ensuring that the process is as unobtrusive as possible.  Very rarely do we rely on noisy, heavy machinery to facilitate the installation.  The result, although a bit slower, is a cleaner, safer work environment with substantially less disruption to your neighbours and damage to your property.  Our polite team are extremely considerate of their surroundings and have great respect for your property and possessions.  We realize that having work done on your home can be a very stressful time.  Knowing that we will complete the project within a specified timeframe and budget gives the homeowner great peace of mind. 

Prior to your initial design interview please review the following questions to help determine your needs.

1.       What is your garden style?  Do you prefer a formal or informal look?  Do you like things to be controlled or crazy?  Do you enjoy traditional or contemporary styles?  Determining your style is the first step in creating your plan.

2.       Make a list of existing features that you want to either preserve or remove.  Include existing trees, shrubs and perennials as well as favourite views and vistas.

3.       Make a list of your needs.  Include plantings, storage, sitting, pool and play areas, decks and patios, walkways and paths, water features, and privacy issues.  Would you like to attract birds and butterflies to your yard?  Are there special considerations that need to be taken into account?  For example, including plants that attract bees would be unsuitable if someone has an allergic reaction to bee stings.  Always consider the short, medium and long-term usage of your property.  It is important that all of the decision makers in the family participate in preparing this wish list.

4.       Get an idea of materials.  Make a list of specific plants that you would like to include in your design.  If you don't have any specific plants in mind, consider plant shapes, sizes and colours that you like or don't like.  Cutting pictures from magazines is the best way to convey your ideas.

5.       Consider your budget.  Prioritize the work that you would like to have done.  The plan can be governed by your budget and can be installed in stages.  You may also consider doing some of the work yourself.