About Donna Warwick

In 1999, great consideration and thought went into my decision to leave the security of my position at Carleton University to pursue a Horticultural degree at Algonquin College.  After many years as an administrator, it was becoming more and more evident that I was just not cut out to sit behind a desk.  Pushing dirt…not papers was my future.  I thoroughly enjoyed my studies and upon graduation, felt prepared to start my own business.  

It was my vision to create a company that allowed me to focus on providing quality, personal service to each and every customer.  I have the utmost respect for your time, and will strive to deliver the results you expect – on time and on budget. While working with The Avant Gardeners, you will only deal with me.  I will manage your project personally from start to finish.  I will also be found on site to ensure that your project follows the path that we set in our initial meetings.  You can rest assured knowing exactly who is in charge of working on your home. If you are interested in being treated like you matter, please contact The Avant Gardeners today.  We are a small company producing big results!