Design and Installation

Design and Installation Overview

Our Approach: Avant Gardeners specializes in creating landscapes tailored to each client's preferences, ensuring the design meets your specific needs. We collaborate with you, blending your ideas with our expertise to craft the perfect plan.

Design Fees: Starting at $400, covering an initial interview, a review session, and a final meeting to approve the design. Additional visits are available at $50 each.

Installation Process: We prioritize a non-intrusive installation with minimal use of heavy machinery, ensuring a clean and safe work environment. Our respectful and considerate team works within your budget and timeline, minimizing stress.

Preparation for Initial Design Interview:

Define Your Garden Style: Consider whether you prefer formal or informal, traditional or contemporary and whether you like controlled or wild settings.
Assess Existing Features: Identify elements to keep or remove, including vegetation and landscape features.
List Your Needs: Think about plantings, seating, storage, water features, and privacy. Include any special considerations like allergy-safe planting.
Choose Materials: Decide on specific plants or general characteristics like shape and color. Using magazine cutouts can help convey your preferences.
Set Your Budget: Determine what you can spend and consider phasing the project or DIY options to manage costs.